31 August 2011

CFP: Political Theology: Between East & West

CFP: Political Theology: Between East & West

A secretive conference on political theology will take place next month in Taiwan. Apart from one notice on a university website in Australia, the call for papers has only been circulated through personal contacts of the organizers, it appears.

The theme "Political Theology: Between East & West" and the location suggest that this conference will continue the eastward movement of political theology that was to be observed in both political theology symposia I organized in Geneva over the past year, the Political Theology Agenda Symposium 2010 and 2011.

Here's the call for papers:

"'Political Theology: Between East & West'
Taipei: 23-26 September
With a seminar in Shanghai, 21 September.

"This conference seeks to open up a dialogue between East and West concerning the intersections between religion and politics. The enabling conditions for the conference include the overt ‘return’ of religion to geopolitical realities and debate, the rise of interest in 'political theology' by secular philosophers, the polemic of the 'new atheists', the thorough questioning of the givens of secularism, and the reassessments of the relation between 'religion' and 'politics'. We seek paper proposals that address such issues.

"Papers may also focus on:
· The 'translatability' of debates between East and West.
· Intersections/translations between religions on the question of politics.
· Genealogies of debates in religion and politics.
· Gender/ethnicity/sexuality/class and political theology.
· The specific features of the intersection between religion and politics in a particular location.
· Secularisms, post-secularisms, new secularisms.
· Biblical engagements.

"Please send paper titles and proposals to Kenpa Chin, Philip Chia and Roland Boer at:
"曾慶豹" <chinkenpa@gmail.com>,
"Philip Chia" <ppchia050@gmail.com>,
"Roland Boer" <roland.t.boer@gmail.com>"

Presumably the deadline has passed. Still, if you're interested in participating, why not contact the organizers and ask if they will make an exception? I was told by an accepted participant that the organizers pay for accommodation.

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