31 August 2011

Book: Ascension Theology

Book: Ascension Theology

"Ascension Theology" by Douglas Farrow (McGill University), published in May 2011 by Continuum, is another one of those books that are initially announced as being closely linked to the political theology agenda, but once published all references to political theology have been omitted from promotional materials.

Here are the parts of the endorsements that the publisher's website leaves out: "In Ascension Theology, Douglas Farrow tackles THE fundamental question of political theology: How does the risen and ascended Christ exercise his life-giving lordship?" (R.R. Reno, Creighton University)

"Definitely defying the dated divisions between biblical, historical, and systematic theology, Douglas Farrow has succeeded in writing a most remarkable theological book that is simultaneously an essay in biblical, dogmatic, and political theology. ... Ascension Theology displays forcefully the old truth that a genuinely orthodox theology is at the same time the most provocative and salutary theology available" (Reinhard Hutter, Duke Divinity School)

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