31 August 2011

Book: Radical Democracy and Political Theology

Book: Radical Democracy and Political Theology

And yet another book on political theology from the same publisher: Jeffrey W. Robbins (Lebanon Valley College), "Radical Democracy and Political Theology" (Columbia University Press, March 2011).

Quote: "By linking radical democratic theory to a contemporary fascination with political theology, Robbins envisions the modern experience of democracy as a social, cultural, and political force transforming the nature of sovereign power and political authority. Robbins joins his work with Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri's radical conception of 'network power,' as well as Sheldon Wolin's notion of 'fugitive democracy,' to fashion a political theology that captures modern democracy's social and cultural torment. ... While effectively recasting the tradition of radical theology as a political theology, this book also develops a comprehensive critique of the political theology bequeathed by Carl Schmitt."

Who, I wonder, makes up CUP's titles? "Political Theology" (Kahn), "Radical Political Theology" (Crockett), and "Radical Democracy and Political Theology" (Robbins) ... sounds to me like search engine optimization.

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