31 August 2011

Article: The Political Theology of Red Toryism

Article: The Political Theology of Red Toryism

Nathan Coombs (Royal Holloway, University of London) is the author of an article, "The Political Theology of Red Toryism" ("Journal of Political Ideologies", 16 [1], 2011: pp. 79-96).

Abstract:"Phillip Blond's British red Toryism is vying to influence the direction of modern conservatism. Yet its dependence on the ideas of the theological school, radical orthodoxy, has been hitherto inadequately explored. Examining both the ideological make-up of red Toryism and noting its insufficiencies on its own terms, in this paper demonstrate [sic] the necessity of the ontological grounding of radical orthodoxy to make sense of Blond's ideas. It will be further argued that this reciprocal dependence should not imply that red Toryism and radical orthodoxy are one and the same thing, but rather that their separation is indicative of the strategically esoteric political theology they are forwarding."

The full text of the article is available free of charge at the link.

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