28 April 2010

Book: Encounter Between Eastern Orthodoxy and Radical Orthodoxy

The contributed volume, "Encounter Between Eastern Orthodoxy and Radical Orthodoxy: Transfiguring the World through the Word", was edited by Adrian Pabst and Christoph Schneider and published by Ashgate in March 2009:


Publisher's description: "This book presents the first debate between the contemporary movement Radical Orthodoxy and Eastern Orthodox theologians. Leading international scholars offer new insights and reflections on a wide range of contemporary issues from a specifically theological and philosophical perspective. The ancient notion of divine Wisdom (Sophia) serves as a common point of reference in this encounter. Both Radical and Eastern Orthodoxy agree that the transfiguration of the world through the Word is at the very centre of the Christian faith. The book explores how this process of transformation can be envisaged with regard to epistemological, ontological, aesthetical, ecclesiological and political questions. Contributors to this volume include Rowan Williams, John Milbank, Antoine Arjakovsky, Michael Northcott, Nicholas Loudovikos, Andrew Louth and Catherine Pickstock."

Endorsements: "This excellent collection surprises at many turns. It offers not only a unique perspective onto a theological dialogue so far unheard, it also opens up new avenues in theological conversation for both participants – the Radically Orthodox and members of the Eastern Orthodox family. Radical Orthodoxy is pushed to articulate a theology of tradition and to locate its own theology of participation within the Patristic patrimony far more deeply than before; the Eastern Orthodox are pushed toward a re-engagment [sic] with Bulgakov and the theosophical tradition so attractive to the Radically Orthodox. There is much here for all interested in the future of serious theological dialogue." (Lewis Ayres, Emory University)

"This is a stimulating and fruitful exchange between Eastern Orthodoxy and Radical Orthodoxy by leading scholars of each that both draws upon tradition and opens horizons for the future. Addressing the problems of modernity from their different starting points, the collection offers profound material for reflecting upon our own situation. It deserves a wide readership and will amply repay serious engagement."
(John Behr, St Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary)

Adrian Pabst is now a Lecturer in Politics at the University of Kent and a Research Fellow at the Luxembourg Institute for European and International Studies.

Christoph Schneider was at the time of publication a Research Assistant at the University of Bern, Switzerland.

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