12 April 2010

Book: Doing Contextual Theology

Angie Pears, "Doing Contextual Theology" (Routledge, September 2009):


Publisher's description: "Christian theology, like all forms of knowledge, thinking and practice, arises from and is influenced by the context in which it is done. In Doing Contextual Theology, Angie Pears demonstrates the radically contextual nature of Christian theology by focusing on five forms of liberation theology: Latin American Liberation Theologies; Black Theologies; Feminist Informed Theologies; Sexual Theologies; Body Theologies. Pears analyses how each of these asserts a clear and persistent link to the Christian tradition through The Bible and Christology and discusses the implications of contextual and local theologies for understanding Christianity as a religion. Moreover, she considers whether fears are justified that a radically contextual reading of Christian theologies leads to a relativist understanding of the religion, or whether these theologies share some form of common identity both despite and because of their contextual nature. Doing Contextual Theology offers students a clear and up-to-date survey of the field of contemporary liberation theology and provides them with a sound understanding of how contextual theology works in practice."

Reviews: "Written with crystal clarity Angie Pears has provided an accessible, detailed and critical study of contemporary contextual theologies. This book will be an essential text for both students and tutors seeking to understand both the appeal and limitations of contextual theologies. I hope too that contextual theologians will find pause for thought in some of the questions Pears raises about the nature of these theologies." (Elizabeth Stuart, University of Winchester)

"Her interpretations are accurate and generous. She asks the right questions and offers wise answers. Her work does what the best of syntheses do: it takes us to a new place." (Stephen Bevans, Catholic Theological Union; here and above bold removed)

Angie Pears is now Learning and Development Officer in the Equality and Diversity Team at Nottingham Trent University, this following a decade as a Senior Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University.

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