27 April 2010

CONF: AAR Eastern International Region meeting 2010

2010 Regional Meeting of the American Academy of Religion Eastern International Region (AAR-EIR), at the University of Ottawa, Tabaret Hall, 550 Cumberland Avenue, Ottawa, Canada, 7-8 May 2010


This conference features a panel on "Culture, Political Theology and Violence" (Panel 2/D, 8 May, 8.30-10.30 am, Room TBT070) with the following papers: Kornel Zathureczky (University of Sudbury), "Political Theologies of Europe: At the Crossroads of Competing Universalisms"; Grant Poettcker (McMaster University), "René Girard and Walter Benjamin on Sacrificial Historiography: A History Without Scapegoats?"; and Michael Sohn (University of Chicago Divinity School), "Levinas on the Question of Religion and Violence: From Universal Particularism to Particular Universalism".

Further information (full programme, how to register, etc.) is to be found on the above website.

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