08 October 2009

Journal "Political Theology" increases frequency

In line with the increase in interest in political theology, Equinox, the publisher of the journal "Political Theology", has announced that the journal will in 2010 increase its pagination and frequency to 6 issues per volume (until now 4).

While other Equinox journals retain 2009 price levels in 2010, "Political Theology" will become accordingly dearer.

As of today, there is no information to be found on the journal's website. You can find submission guidelines, though:


Journal description: "Political Theology is a journal that investigates and examines religious and political issues. The journal is interdisciplinary, drawing on the disciplines of theology, religious studies, politics, philosophy, ethics, cultural studies, social theory and economics. As such, it aims to reflect the diversity of religious and theological engagements with public and political life. Articles are welcome from scholars, practioners and clergy that address religion and political life in all its variety. The journal has a review section which embraces reflections upon religion, theology, polit[i]cal [sic] theory, political biography, film and fiction."

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