13 October 2009

Book: New Carl Schmitt biography in German

Reinhard Mehring (Humboldt University of Berlin) has written, in German, "the first truly comprehensive" (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) biography about Carl Schmitt, titled "Carl Schmitt. Aufstieg und Fall" (Carl Schmitt: Rise and Fall; my translation; published by C.H. Beck, September 2009):


According to the publisher's description, Carl Schmitt – along with Martin Heidegger and Max Weber one of the most influential German thinkers of the twentieth century – is a "Shakespearean figure at the centre of the German catastrophe". A "white raven", as Schmitt called himself, torn between his brilliancy and aspirations and a deep-seated resentment against the smugness of bourgeois existence.

His radical theories about political theology, friend and enemy, legality and legitimacy, and the concept of the political have been translated into all major languages and are read by Catholic conservatives and communist revolutionaries alike.

The new biography already ranks at no. 1 among Philosophy titles on the German Amazon site.

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