19 October 2009

CFP: Journal "Res Publica" invites contributions on political theology

The journal "Res Publica: Revista de Filosofía Política" – published by the Universidad de Murcia in Spain – invites contributions on political theology.


"Res Publica" is an open access journal, available free of charge on the Internet, dedicated to the study of political philosophy and history, and often a very methodological approach of conceptual history. At the same time, it gives special importance to the tradition of political ideals based on the republican spirit and always understood in their proper historical context.

The journal intends to create a digital section that will become recognized as "Res publica hispana", which will analyze the most important works of history of political thought and Hispanic political relations, as well as major new publications on this subject.

Another focus of the journal is offered by those authors who have challenged the possibilities of republicanism, whether from political theology, more traditional views of sovereignty, or from the most current versions of the impolitic. "Res Publica" is also interested in understanding the political thinkers of the Weimar Republic, and what their significance means for the work of Max Weber in the construction of democratic legitimacy in a society that falls squarely in the era of the masses.

Abstracts are available in Spanish and English. Articles are available in Spanish in PDF format. Please check with the editors whether articles have to be submitted in Spanish.

Editorial contacts: Prof José Luis Villacañas Berlanga and Prof Antonio Rivera García (both Universidad de Murcia): jlvilla@um.es, anrivera@um.es

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