04 November 2011

Book: Theological Tractates

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Book: Theological Tractates

Available in English for the first time: Erik Peterson, "Theological Tractates", ed./trans. Michael J. Hollerich (Stanford University Press, October 2011).

Quote: "The essays in Theological Tractates were published between 1925 and 1937 ... Among them is Peterson's landmark essay on ancient 'political theology,' 'Monotheism as a Political Problem,' which shows how ancient writers - pagans, Jews, and Christians - justified earthly monarchy by its parallel with the monotheistic belief in one divinity in heaven. Peterson asserted that such a political theology was incompatible with Christianity, a thesis that became a reference point for modern political theology."

Theological Tractates - Erik Peterson Edited, Translated, and with an Introduction by Michael J. Hollerich

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