09 September 2011

CFP: Theological Reflections on Political Questions

CFP: Theological Reflections on Political Questions

Paper proposals are invited for a panel, "Theological Reflections on Political Questions", accepted into the programme of the 22nd World Congress of Political Science, organized by the International Political Science Association (IPSA) under the theme, "Reshaping Power, Shifting Boundaries", in Madrid, Spain, 8-12 July 2012.

This panel on political theology is part of the session (conference section) sponsored by Research Committee (RC) 43, "Religion and Politics".

Quote: "[T]heologians and religious traditions have long been engaging political questions - from Thomas Aquinas to Liberation Theology, Papal Encyclicals or Radical Orthodoxy. In a world where religion is playing an increasingly active political role, these theological contributions can no longer be ignored by political thinkers. ... The aim of the panel is to invite papers on this aspect of political theology."

The RC asks that paper proposals, of no more than 1500 characters/approx. 250 words length, be submitted (along with name and institutional affiliation) to Alexandre Christoyannopoulos (Loughborough University): a.christoyannopoulos@gmail.com

An as yet incomplete list of other accepted panels at this triennial conference has been posted on the IPSA website.

It may also be possible to submit a paper to the general pool, rather than a particular session/panel. Papers may then be allocated to an existing panel, or further panels may be formed.

Additional information on how to submit paper proposals is to be found here: http://www.ipsa.org/events/congress/madrid2012/submit-abstractpaper-proposal

The deadline to submit proposals has been extended to 17 October 2011.

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