25 February 2009

Special issue of "New German Critique"

Nitzan Lebovic has edited a special issue of the journal “New German Critique” on political theology:


The question that preoccupies the contributors to this special issue is whether it makes sense to update political theology by examining how political theology has been theorized by thinkers on the left and the right. The vicissitudes of this double life – especially marked since Michel Foucault applied Schmittian concepts to his critique of biopolitics – owe much to the simplistic link between Weimar politics and the present-day cynical abuse of power by democratic regimes. As secularism once again faces off against theology, the state against religion, and economic power is equated with divine right, the time has certainly come to re-examine the discourse of political theology and its recent apocalyptic scenarios.

Contact: Nitzan Lebovic, nlebovic@fastmail.fm

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