17 February 2009

Political theology "to the right of God"

Those speaking (reading) German may be interested in an article on the links between the Christian right (in Europe) and political right-wing extremism that appeared in this week's edition of the (notoriously anti-Christian) German magazine “Spiegel”:


The argument, in the words of the Vicar General of the Society of St. Pius X, goes that conservatism today has to be political theology (“politische Theologie”) in order to break the dominance of the left and liberalism, thereby casting the cultural hegemony of Islam and the Islamic takeover of urban areas in Western Europe as the enemy that has to be fought off. A conservative counter-revolution, he argues, is impossible without the rediscovery of religion as a public matter, which has to be spiritually based on the Catholic church.

For more on conservatism and political theology, see this 2007 contribution to the political extreme-right publication "Junge Freiheit":


Which essay refers to a little-known political theologian, Nicolás Gómez Dávila:


The central outlet of the proponents of such a political theology, according to the "Spiegel", is a website (“Catholic news”):


There to be found is, for example, a scathing criticism of the "new political theology" of J.B. Metz:


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