19 October 2011

CFP: Non-Western perspectives on political theology

CFP: Non-Western perspectives on political theology

The journal, "Political Theology" (www.politicaltheology.com), is calling for papers and contributions to its blog from non-Western perspectives:

"Do you have first-hand experience of religion and politics in the global South or Eastern Europe? Do you have an interest in political theology, but are tired of the Western focus of much of the discourse? Could you offer informed, intelligent comment on an issue of contemporary social and political concern in a non-Western context? If so, then the journal Political Theology wants to hear from you. We are seeking article submissions and blog posts on these themes. Calling all bloggers! We are currently planning a series called 'A Letter From...', for the journal's blog, 'There is Power in the Blog' (www.politicaltheology.com/blog/), which will feature perspectives on political theology from around the globe. If you want to put yourself forward as one of the bloggers representing a region of the globe please contact Julie Clague, Managing Editor of Political Theology

The call has not (yet) been published, it seems, on the website of the journal or at the blog.

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