17 February 2011

Book: Towards an Evangelical Political Theology

Just published: David Fitch, "The End of Evangelicalism? Discerning a New Faithfulness for Mission: Towards an Evangelical Political Theology" (Cascade Books, February 2011):


Publisher's description: "In The End of Evangelicalism? David Fitch examines the political presence of evangelicalism as a church in North America. Amidst the negative image of evangelicalism in the national media and its purported decline as a church, Fitch asks how evangelicalism's belief and practice has formed it as a political presence in North America. Why are evangelicals perceived as arrogant, exclusivist, duplicitous, and dispassionate by the wider culture? Diagnosing its political cultural presence via the ideological theory of Slavoj Zizek, Fitch argues that evangelicalism appears to have lost the core of its politic: Jesus Christ. In so doing its politic has become 'empty.' Its witness has been rendered moot. The way back to a vibrant political presence is through the corporate participation in the triune God's ongoing work in the world as founded in the incarnation. Herein lies the way towards an evangelical missional political theology. Fitch ends his study by examining the possibilities for a new faithfulness in the current day emerging and missional church movements springing forth from evangelicalism in North America."

Endorsements: "In compelling fashion, Fitch digs deep to examine how key U.S. evangelical beliefs actually function as an ideology rather than gospel. He calls us from a Christianity that acts as 'ideology' to one that authentically incarnates Jesus' life and mission. What a book! This one will knock you back on your heels." (Howard A. Snyder, Tyndale Seminary)

"David Fitch explores three key issues that symbolize the evangelical conundrum – the inerrant Bible, the decision for Christ, and the Christian nation – by reframing them through missional theology. This is a timely and crucial read for those concerned about the evangelical movement." (Craig Van Gelder, Luther Seminary)

David Fitch is Betty R. Lindner Associate Professor of Evangelical Theology at Northern Seminary.

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