21 October 2010

Book: Dalit Theology in the Twenty-First Century

"Dalit Theology in the Twenty-First Century: Discordant Voices, Discerning Pathways", edited by Sathianathan Clarke, Deenabandhu Manchala, and Philip Vinod Peacock (Oxford University Press, March 2010):


Publisher's description: "This work marks the beginning of a new Dalit self-understanding and a new appreciation for the changed landscape of the twenty-first century where the agency of Dalits in the area of theology has exploded the monopoly of caste interpretations in a significant manner. This volume addresses how despite its proud entry into the post-colonial, politically democratic twenty-first century world, India continues to straddle the structural inequalities and functional hierarchies based on its age-old caste system. It also looks at various Dalit, women, tribal, and other subaltern movements that struggle against insidious forms of caste-, class-, ethnicity- and religion-based violence and violation. A unique combination of Dalit theology with Dalit feminism and feminist theology, this book brings together the key directions and interests that Dalit Theology has taken in the new century."

Sathianathan Clarke is Professor of Theology, Culture and Mission and Bishop Sundo Kim Chair in World Christianity at Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC, USA.

Deenabandhu Manchala is Programme Executive for Just and Inclusive Communities in the Unity, Mission, Evangelism and Spirituality programme at the World Council of Churches, Geneva, Switzerland.

Philip Vinod Peacock is Associate Professor at Bishop's College, Calcutta, India.

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