07 June 2010

Journal "Teologia Polityczna" on Poland's "Lost Identity" (in Polish)

The Polish journal "Teologia Polityczna" ("Political Theology") has been published five times since 2003. The fifth issue (2009/2010) is titled "Złoty róg, czyli nieodzyskana podmiotowość" ("Lost Identity"; publisher's translation).

Those able to read Polish can find a table of contents here:


Publisher's description: "What could be described as Poland's identity in modern times? And does Poland have the resources and means to maintain and further develop that identity? Such issues are tackled in detail in the fifth issue of Political Theology, 'Lost identity'. It is not just identity that is taken into account here, but also a certain notion of independence. Can Poland still follow its own path of modernisation and development, maybe one with a greater role of the church, or does it have mimic the increasingly secularized western nations if it wants prominence in the EU? In an article called 'It's Impossible to Xerox Modernity', Dariusz Karłowicz severely criticises a one-size-fits-all approach to political and social progress and modernisation. He argues that each country has its own culture and identity and needs to develop according to that rather than merely copy its seemingly more advanced neighbours. Furthermore, the issue also attempts to affirm and fully understand what it means to be Polish in today's times and what role Poland's unique identity (Solidarity, the role of the church, a newly developing democracy) means in today's cosmpolitan [sic], ever-globalising times. Finally, the advance of secularism in the modern world is looked at it in detail, and the U.S. and European approaches to the issue are compared and contrasted."

To order a copy, please contact: redakcja@teologiapolityczna.pl

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