25 March 2010

Book: Toward a Planetary Theology: Along the Many Paths of God

"Toward a Planetary Theology: Along the Many Paths of God", edited by José María Vigil, is a contributed volume just published by a Montreal-based small independent operation called Dunamis Publishers (March 2010).

The full text of the book can be read free of charge here:


This is the fifth volume in a series initiated by the Latin American Theological Commission of the Ecumenical Association of Third World Theologians (EATWOT). The earlier volumes seem to have been published in English elsewhere.

According to the publisher's blog, "[t]his is a book that [...] contains reflections by theologians from at least five major world religions on five continents. They all responded to questions about the possibility and urgency of a planetary theology with which every religion would be able to identify – like an ecumenical theology but much, much broader. The results are interesting and open a debate. Never before has there been an effort to bring together the threads of inter-religious theology and liberation theology."

José María Vigil, from Panama, is a theologian and psychologist. He is Coordinator of the International Theological Commission of EATWOT and Editor-in-Chief of the annual "World Latin American Agenda".

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