20 February 2010

Book: Theology, Liberation and Genocide

Mario Aguilar, "Theology, Liberation and Genocide: A Theology of the Periphery" (SCM Press, September 2009):


Publisher's description: "Mario Aguilar, one of the leading liberation theologians of the current generation, asks how it can be possible to do theology in the face of atrocities such as the genocide in Rwanda. He argues that the traditional ways of doing theology ('high theology') no longer work and that theology now has to take place at the periphery rather than in the social, cultural and political centre. In this book, Aguilar seeks further to unfold the new agenda for liberation theology as set by Ivan Petrella and others."

Endorsement: "With the Rwandan genocide, Christianity was once again implicated in atrocity. In his latest work, Mario Aguilar contends that a prevailing ecclesiology and theology set the context for the genocidal evil unleashed. Drawing parallels with the political struggles in Latin America, Aguilar applies the lens of liberation theology and detects signs of God's reign returning in the liberating praxis of love at the peripheries of Rwandan life. This hope-filled book stems from Aguilar's conviction that liberation theology remains a necessary hermeneutical tool and force for transformational justice." (Julie Clague, University of Glasgow)

Mario Aguilar is Professor of Religion and Politics at the University of St Andrews.

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