07 January 2010

Book: Disciplining the Divine: Toward an (Im)political Theology

"Disciplining the Divine: Toward an (Im)political Theology" is the first and last book by the Lancaster University theologian Paul Fletcher who passed away suddenly in July 2008. The book was published posthumously by Ashgate in August 2009:


Publisher's description: "Disciplining the Divine offers the first comprehensive treatment of the Social Model of the Trinity, exploring its central place within much theological discourse of the past half century, including its relation to wider cultural and political concerns. The book highlights the manner in which theologians have attempted to make the doctrine of God relevant to modern issues and outlooks and it charts the conditions that have necessitated such a reconfiguration of theological analysis. While interrogatory in tone and intent, Disciplining the Divine nevertheless provides a critical reconstruction of a Christian theology and practice which might be undertaken within the political and cultural contexts of the new millennium."

Review: "In this insightful book, Paul Fletcher provides a critical overview of the status of political theology today, as well as a thorough refutation of the social model of the Trinity. Written with the clarity that derives from long experience of teaching on this subject, Fletcher provides a most engaging suggestion for the future of political theology." (Philip Goodchild, University of Nottingham)

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