21 December 2009

Phillip Blond's "ResPublica" think tank and Radical Orthodoxy

Check over at my personal blog for an assessment of the latest development in UK political theology: Phillip Blond, a former Senior Lecturer in theology and philosophy at the University of Cumbria, has been able to raise 1.5 million pounds to launch his own think tank, called "ResPublica":


Blond has shot to the attention of the UK media only this year and has been hailed as Tory leader (and possible prime minister come May 2010) David Cameron's "philosopher king". ResPublica was launched on 26 November in the presence of Cameron, but the financial backers behind it remain anonymous. It stands to reason, though, that they are in support of the ideas associated with what Blond calls "Red Toryism".

Phillip Blond is a part of the Anglican Radical Orthodoxy movement. Radical Orthodoxy set out, hardly ten years ago, from Cambridge's Peterhouse College to renew the Church of England. Already the current Archbishop of Canterbury, and head of the Anglican community, Rowan Williams, is said to be an adherent of Radical Orthodoxy. And now the movement has gained influence over Tory policy and the likely next prime minister. Radical-orthodox political theology has a chance to become for the UK what black liberation theology arguably has become under Barack Obama in the US.

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  1. "philosopher king"!!!!

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