07 November 2009

Book: "God and Government"

The Kirby Lang Institute for Christian Ethics (KLICE) in Cambridge, UK, runs a two-year project on political theology in partnership with the London-based public theology think tank Theos, funded by two private trusts.


The first phase of the project is the publication of a book on the theology of government written by specialists but aimed at political practitioners and anyone interested in a Christian perspective on British politics.

"God and Government", edited by Nick Spencer and Jonathan Chaplin, has been published by SPCK Publishing on 1 October 2009:


Publisher's description: "What, according to Christian thought, is the proper function of government? That is the key question this lively volume aims to address. It does not tell readers what to do, still less who to vote for. Rather, it seeks to equip us to think through what we in our roles as 'political Christians' (that is, Christians employed, engaged or simply interested in politics) should be attempting to achieve."

Contributors to this book – "all highly respected theological thinkers", according to KLICE – include: Philip Booth (Professor of Insurance and Risk Management at Cass Business School, City University London); Andrew Bradstock (Professor of Theology and Public Life, University of Otago); Jonathan Chaplin (Director of KLICE); David McIlroy (Visiting Lecturer in Law at SOAS); Clifford Longley (author, broadcaster, and journalist); Julian Rivers (Professor of Jurisprudence, University of Bristol); Nick Spencer (Director of Studies at Theos); Nicholas Townsend (Lecturer in Christian Ethics, South East Institute for Theological Education); Nigel G. Wright (Principal of Spurgeon's College); and Tom Wright (Bishop of Durham).

Although not mentioned on the publisher's website, Archbishop Rowan Williams was, according to KLICE, to write a Preface for the book. They also state that the second phase of their political theology project consists of the official launch of the book at a political event, followed by other seminars and discussions in various settings. A complimentary copy of the book is to be distributed to several hundred MPs and Peers known to have interest in Christian political thought.

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