01 September 2009

Journal "Telos" on "Political Theologies" / Carl Schmitt discount

The journal Telos has announced its fall 2009 issue, under the title "Political Theologies". Contributors include Bassam Tibi and James V. Schall, S.J. The journal will be published in mid-September and can be pre-ordered with a 15% discount:


You currently also save 20% on a whole range of Carl Schmitt books (published by Telos Press Publishing) and select back issues of Telos, including "Hamlet or Hecuba: The Intrusion of the Time into the Play" (first English translation published on 1 October 2009), "The Nomos of the Earth in the International Law of Jus Publicum Europaeum" and "Theory of the Partisan" (books), "Carl Schmitt: Enemy or Foe?" (1987), "Carl Schmitt Now" (1996), "Carl Schmitt, Hannah Arendt, Politics and Empire" (2005), "Culture and Politics in Carl Schmitt" (2008) and "Carl Schmitt and the Event" (2009) (journal back copies):


The offer is valid through 30 September 2009.

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